To register, you must submit the following to the City of Hopkins Inspection Department (1010 1st Street S, Hopkins, MN 55343):

  1. Vacant Property Registration Form (PDF)
  2. Hopkins Police Department Agent Authorization (PDF)
  3. The appropriate fee, if applicable
  4. If a temporarily vacant property, an affidavit stating that your property will be reoccupied within 180 days (PDF)


  • The owner of a single vacant property must pay an annual registration fee of:
    • $500 for the first year
    • $1,000 for each subsequent year that the property remains vacant
  • The owner of two or more vacant properties located within 500 feet of each other must pay an annual registration fee of :
  • $1,000 per property the first year
  • $2,500 per property for each subsequent year the properties remain vacant.
  • The registration fee is waived for:
    • All dwelling units which possess a valid rental license (must show proof of advertising "for rent")
    • Homes which are for sale (must show proof of advertising "for sale"). A valid Truth in Housing Disclosure Evaluation Report must be at the property for all prospective buyers to view and on file with the City of Hopkins.
    • A temporarily vacant property, e.g. "snowbirds." The owner must state that the property will be reoccupied within 180 days.