Race Equity

We Respect & Appreciate Our Diversity

In Hopkins, 38.4% of the Community is made up of people of color and over 40 different languages are spoken throughout the City. Hopkins is not only racially diverse, but also socio-economically diverse and unique.

While Hopkins may be known for our quaint single-family neighborhoods, the majority of our homes are rental. According to the 2019 American Community Survey, 90% of people of color in Hopkins live in rental homes. Because of our great location, availability of jobs, affordable rents and variety of housing types, Hopkins is often the first home for people moving to the Twin Cities area. 

Part of the City’s vision statement includes “Creating a spirit of community where all people feel safe and respected, and diversity is celebrated.”

What We’re Doing

Our commitment to creating a safe, respectful environment where diversity is celebrated is demonstrated through our work with the Joint Community Policing Program (JCPP), the Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC), the Government Alliance on Racial Equity (GARE), and the Hopkins Race and Equity Initiative (HREI). In June 2017, we were one of the 12 cities selected to receive the President’s Award at the League of Minnesota Cities conference for our work with GARE

The City of Hopkins is actively working to evaluate its practices and policies to ensure that all communities feel welcome and engaged, both in the way the City provides services and in the diversity of our employees.

A major goal of the Hopkins City Council is to ‘Take it to Them,” a key strategy to involve diverse populations and engage the rental community of Hopkins. By making racial equity a part of the City’s key goals, the City Council has set a clear expectations for accountability to the community.

In Hopkins, race equity is an ongoing initiative for both the community and City staff as we work to learn and grow from our experiences. We will continue to involve our diverse populations, and create an inspiring and engaging community for all.