Snow Emergency Towing

Vehicles left on the streets or in public parking lots during snow emergencies may be ticketed and towed.

If a snow emergency is declared in Hopkins during the afternoon or early evening, tagging and towing enforcement generally begins at 9 p.m. However, depending on the snow fall, tagging and towing could begin earlier. The Snow Line, 952-939-1399, will have the actual time. When a snow emergency is declared after 9 p.m., tagging and towing operations begin at 8 a.m. on the following day.

If Your Vehicle is Towed

If your vehicle is towed during a snow emergency, call Midwest Recovery and Transport at 612-986-4339 for instructions on where to pick up your vehicle. Vehicles are released only to the registered owners. Owners need to bring proof of ownership (current title or registration card), proof of insurance and driver’s license. Payments are accepted in cash only. You must bring exact change. No credit cards accepted. 

Midwest Recovery and Transport
Vehicle pick-up continuously until after day two of the snow emergency

Note: The City of Hopkins receives no money when cars are towed — all fees go to the towing company.

2022-2023 Towing Charges

  • Day 1 vehicle pick-up: $150
  • After first day, add $30 per day for additional day storage fee