Knollwood Towers Ramp Closure

Structural deficiencies and safety concerns have forced the closure of the West parking ramp at Knollwood Towers, located at 1010 Lake Street. The City of Hopkins is working with IPG Living, Knollwood Towers owner and property manager, to find parking solutions for residents following the closure.


The City of Hopkins first became aware of structural deficiencies within the Knollwood Tower - West (owned and operated by IPG Living) parking ramp on August 23, 2020. Orders were immediately issued to have the entire parking structure evaluated by an engineering company and to find a solution to fix the problems.

Throughout the past 24 months, temporary measures were taken to ensure the building is safe to occupy. During this time, IPG Living's engineering consultant Braun Intertec has provided the City monthly reports on the status of the ramp. 

Per Braun's recommendation, parts of the West parking ramp were at one point barricaded off for non-use and the number of parking spaces was reduced.

During a site visit on March 7, 2023, the structural engineer from Braun indicated the West parking ramp was no longer safe for use. The main portion of the West parking structure was fully shut down on March 15, 2023. 

Braun's structural engineer also indicated the East parking structure is in very poor condition and is continuing to deteriorate, and that actions to discontinue use of it should be considered as well.

Displaced Vehicles and Parking Solutions

Current residents of Knollwood Towers and surrounding properties will directly feel the parking impact of the West parking ramp closure. Without the ramp, the West property is deficient by 178 stalls per the City's zoning code.

There is not additional capacity on Lake Street (and surrounding streets) to accommodate the displaced vehicles. Lake Street has also experienced narrowing of the road due to the large amounts of snowfall this winter. 

The City will placed a temporary parking ban on part of Lake Street beginning on Thursday, March 16, for Public Works crews to complete snow removal to widen the roadway so that emergency vehicles can safely pass through. No parking signs will be removed once the snow removal is complete.

Temporary measures, such as removing parking restrictions on some public streets, like 2nd Street NE, and/or public property may be enacted in the areas surrounding Knollwood Towers until a permanent solution is found.

IPG Living committed to providing a temporary parking plan to the City by March 10, 2023. A plan has not yet been submitted.

The City of Hopkins will continue to work with IPG Living to find an acceptable parking solution for residents.

Resources for Tenants

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