Classes held in Room 203 at the Hopkins Pavilion. Classes specifically for beginners. No experience needed.

Free trial month, free uniform upon joining.


About Aikido

Aikido is a purely defensive art that uses redirection of force to neutralize aggression. There is no kicking, very little by way of hand strikes. Aikido uses the attackers strength against themselves, making it perfect for smaller people, children, etc.

Aikido comes from Japan, where it was used by Samurai as a means to defend themselves while unarmed against armed attackers.

Aikido uses a system of locks, pressure points, and throws. Aikido emphasizes non-violent responses to conflict, making it perfect for anti-bully training.

Kids Taking Part in Aikido
Adults Participating in Aikido

About the Instructor: Declan Lestat

  • Instructor with 30 years experience in martial arts, more than 20 as an instructor.
  • Experience in law enforcement and private security.
  • Internationally recognized instructor of Kids Martial Arts, pioneer in the UK of teaching martial arts as an after school activity.
  • Co-founder of one of the largest professional martial arts schools in Europe and international center of excellence.