Get booked at the Depot.

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How can we get booked?

All booking inquiries must be sent via the online booking request form. Please DO NOT call The Depot about booking, send us facebook messages, send smoke signals, telepathic messages, or send your carrier pigeons. Our booking staff will respond to your requests in the order in which they are received.

Do we get paid?

Read about band payment at The Depot.

When can we be booked?

The Depot currently books bands on Friday and Saturday nights in the following time slots: 6:00–6:40pm, 7:00–7:40pm, 8:00–8:40pm, 9:00–9:40pm.

NOTE: you may request two timeslots for your band if you believe you can fill more than a 40-minute set. Bands may also request to book an entire night themselves when available.

Other nights may be available for rental. For rental information/pricing please contact or at 952-548-6309.

We only book about two months in advance. You can always check the calendar for availability and send us an email.

How long are set times?

Sets are 40 minutes in length with 20 minutes in between bands. A band in the 7:00pm spot would set up at 6:40pm and be done playing at 7:40pm.

When is our load in?

The Depot is an actual 100+ year old train depot and as such has no backstage for equipment. During cold months please do bring guitars/amps/drums inside the building and place on side of stage in an organized fashion. The Depot does not have a place to store equipment for band members before/after their sets. Therefore load-in is just 20 minutes before your set.

What does The Depot provide?

Vocal amplification (mics, cables, stands). We DO NOT mic instrument amps as we are a small facility and it is generally unnecessary and adds to setup time. Bands are encouraged to bring their own microphones for vocals if vocalists like to swing mic cords or otherwise prefer to use their own. We will use kick drum mics if bands provide them. Any other questions about amplification should be addressed to

What are the age limits?

The Depot is an all-age venue run by a high school student board of directors.  While the Depot strives to book many bands/performers with members in high school, we encourage bands/performers of all ages to play the Depot! Similarly we welcome friends and family of all ages to come and view shows at the Depot, keeping in mind that we are a youth venue and some families may feel that language/subject matter may not be appropriate for all ages.

Can we "mosh?"

Due to the small area and liability in The Depot we cannot allow moshing or crowd surfing. Bands encouraging such behavior may have their performances halted and future shows canceled. Please try to make The Depot fun and safe for all in attendance.

Can we swear/curse/use explicit language?

Explicit language should be kept to a minimum. While the Depot wants bands to express themselves fully, Depot staff reserves the right to halt any performance it deems to be over the line and inappropriate. Promoting drug or alcohol use, or disrespect of any group (sexism, homophobia, racism, etc.) will not be tolerated!

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How many people can we put on the guest list?

The Depot does not allow guest lists. The only people that get in for free are actual performing band members. Others will only have to pay around $8.

Do we get free drinks?

The Depot does not give band members free drinks other than providing water and coffee.  Remember to stay hydrated on stage!

Can we play cover songs?

YES! The Depot now has appropriate recording licenses, please feel free to play cover songs.

Why play The Depot?

We’re a small, fun, casual venue that offers you a great place to showcase your talents for family, friends, and fans. The Depot was designed by youth for youth so any ideas you have will be helpful to us.

To provide a place of community and learning
in which student involvement and youth development
are encouraged in a chemically-free environment